Growth Marketing

Increase the lifetime value of each customer

Deliver the right message at the right time

Run targeted campaigns. Marketing is fully integrated with bookings, payments and client records, so you can easily target campaigns to any group of clients based on their past behavior.

Engage your clients at the right time. Automated custom text messages and emails are triggered by key client events. For instance, increase visit frequency up to 30% with a regular “Time for your next appointment” reminder.

Customize your promotions. Allow your offers to apply only to the specific services, staff members, locations, and date ranges that you want to promote. Promo codes make redemption a snap.

Fill open appointments

Last-minute sales. See openings on the calendar due to last minute cancellations or hard-to-fill times? Put specific times on sales and push real-time notifications to your clients to fill those empty slots.

Off-peak pricing. MyTime reporting shows you which days and times are likely to be your slowest at each location. Easily set discounted prices during those times to stimulate demand.

Measure marketing’s revenue impact

Track campaign results. When you send a campaign, MyTime tracks whether clients open it, how many book and which email addresses bounce so you can update your records.

Revenue attribution. Because marketing, bookings and payments are fully integrated, you can see exactly how much revenue was driven by each campaign.

Dig into the details. Drill down into any campaign and see which clients took specific action such as who opens, who clicks, and who books.

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